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NRCS Benefits Cancelled a Year Ago and No Case Summary

The waiting experience was tilting as hell since there was no limits placed on this "Pseudo-Psychology" based research group.  

Unsure of this research group's next move considering all the time & effort that went into this psychological of a mess called "experimental cognitive behavior therapy". I was expendable, I already knew that.

Not surprising, typical work of the Cunningham & Johnston clan.

NRCS Benefits cancelled over a year ago while I sat in limbo (FEB 2013) , slowly unraveling this whole epic "medical" disaster, while refusing to open any letters from the NRCS.

At some point towards the end of this NRCS case, Roxanne Yorkston was removed as case manager (typical stall and switch from this group). I can only assume that the case file and contents were removed as well?

It was clear that I stumbled upon a sweet setup for a large number of individuals, my mistake.

This group assumed that I would just participate blindly without protest, their mistake.

The Scottish NRCS Roxanne Yorkston managed to avoid pursuing access of my medical records, stall my case investigation, and eventually have my case file closed without a case summary (identifying the NRCS obstruction).

Did NRCS Roxanne Yorkston have any personal interactions with the Cunnighams, Johnstons, or others mentioned in this blog?

Someone did !

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

NRCS Roxanne Yorkston: "What's inside your medical files?"

"Obstruction is cheaper than to pay out $$$ in liability damages"                     
"This fax link alone is worth $$$ in liability damages in my inaccessible medical file"

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
I was left without any options after exhausting government (Privacy Commissioner) and legal (law firms) avenues, and finally just trying to gain steady employment in Hamilton (see lost my job).

I could not understand why the relentless pursuit by a unnamed group that was obviously gambling / research related. The recent details in the Medicine Gone Bad blog explained it all. I had the unknown ability to jeopardize a very profitable research setup, while tainting some very important institutions and individuals.

I thought that applying to the NRCS would give me the documentation that I would need to further my case. As you can see in the following posts, I was wrong again!
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

NRCS Roxanne Yorkston: "What's inside your medical files?"

A question that NRCS Roxanne Yorkston asked me when I stated the importance of obtaining my medical files.

I gathered what I could and submitted copies of some of my medical files to four NRCS employees, including Lori Watson & Roxanne Yorkston.

Just the fax linking Gamblingresearch to my prescription of schizophrenic medication Trifluoperazine (without being diagnosed officially), should have instigated a government inquiry at the least.

  • Implicated the NRCS with obstruction
  • Questioned the O.H.I.P. billings of  Dr. Nancy Johnston, and her husband Dr. Ronald Elmer Johnston
  • Elderly Johnston's still raking in the money in their 80's
"My sister cleans houses besides Brock University & Johnston's office, a couple of times a week."
                                                                                   ♠ ♠ ♠

Dr. Teodorini refused to release my medical files for good reason

  • Documents the numerous Psych ward stays
  • Schizophrenia medication administered every eight hours
  • Numerous doctor visits and prescriptions (OHIP Billings)
  • Police escorts
  • Documented links to Brock University and OPGRC ( with indirect links to Heather Chalmers, Simon Williams, and Christine Tardif-Williams.

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

Another Unopened NRCS Monthly Social Assistance Form for August:


NRCS: "Internal review of the decision will not be completed"

"Whose welfare is really at stake here?"
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

More obstruction at NRCS?

Since the NRCS suspension was removed
  • My monthly cheques are STILL being deposited into my bank account without my authorization / signature?
  •  Without my monthly NRCS forms being filled out ?

NRCS employee that verified a caseworker checks each case monthly for proper signed documentation, or the payments are stopped
  • The NRCS declined to contact the Privacy Commissioner of Canada or my former family doctor
  • Provide formal documentation to file a complaint with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

When the NRCS suspended my benefits, I requested Tribunal Appeal forms for a hearing in Toronto. After I forwarded the Lori Watson email to many NRCS employees, the suspension was removed
  • Removal of the NRCS suspension allowed them to discontinue the "internal" review
  • Prevent any public scrutiny on the actions of the NRCS regarding my case
  • Completely stopped filling out any monthly NRCS forms, expecting my social assistance to end instantly
  • Expected my actions would initiate a case conclusion from Roxanne Yorkston
  • Provide formal documentation to file a complaint with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

NRCS Lori Watson on the "internal review" will not be completed:

Still Updating .......

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Giving Away Social Assistance Money at the St. Catharines NRCS ?

"Trying to SILENCE me, $140 a month (after rent), month at a time?"

  • Don't have to attend any interviews or sign any monthly forms at the St.Catharines NRCS, to receive monthly social benefits
  • What lengths will they go to protect, the incompetent group of PhD's, and the Cunningham family?
  • Heather Chalmers - Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre Board of Directors, also a grant recipient, and works in the same department with Christine Tardif-Williams, at Brock University
  • Her knowledge / involvement in this?

Who is Obstructing With the NRCS & Roxanne Yorkston?

Unopened NRCS Monthly Forms, While Bank Payments Unstopped ?

Never Signed Any Monthly Forms Since "suspension' and "internal review" ?

Still Updating .......

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What Would You Do?

"Penn State like protection for John Cunningham, Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology?"          
What Would You Do as a citizen of your own country, where you were forced to participate in Research from a government agency (U of T & CAMH affiliated - taxpayer funded & unaudited)?

What Would You Do if the Federal Government and your former family doctor denied you access to your own medical files?

What Would You Do If you were diagnosed with a "fabricated" medical diagnosis, in order to silence you for liability purposes?

What fueled this research? Money, in exorbitant research grants.
Brock University: Research Ethics and Practitioners: Concerns and Strategies for Novice Researchers Engaged in Graduate Education

"I find the ethical issues are quite difficult to sort out and make defined boundaries."
The amount of research money involved from included grants up to 500K, annually. CEO Robert Simpson & lead researcher John Cunningham (Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology) administered the funding with the following individuals benefiting:

Lisa Root
Heather Chalmers
Simon Williams & Christine Tardif-Williams

Once this group's true purpose of research was revealed, they tried to conceal it as an intervention.

An earlier 500 K individual grant to John Cunningham has been removed by

Letter & Medical Documents Delivered to NRCS Lori Watson

"Special Delivery"
All the medical documents in the following posts were hand delivered to Tammy Maher for
  • NRCS Community Manager Lori Watson
Copies to
  • Roxanne Yorkston
  • Stacy Robertson
  • Tammy Maher. (Oct 11/11)

This letter to Lori Watson outlines the obstruction by her department and an overview of the following documents submitted. I notified Roxanne Yorkston that all of these documents would be uploaded to my blog if she needed extra copies.

"Click" Document, and then "Click on Document Again" to "Zoom In" for Enlarged Text

Dr. Teodorini's Fax Request From Lisa Root (8/23/01)

"Just stick with the facts Fax please"
"This fax alone is worth $$$  in liability damages in my inaccessible medical file"

Trifluoperazine prescribed  (Dr. Shukla Visit ) before the actual schizophrenia diagnosis? "Good one" Gamblingresearch

Notice that my family doctor (Dr. Teodorini), was purposely omitted from the initial diagnosis for liability issues.
In 2001, I was repeatedly told to make an appointment with Lisa Root. The date of this fax was identical to the date of the hospital visit with Dr. Shukla, prescribing "Trifluoperazine".

This illegal research study is the main reason that I was put through everything written in these blogs. The Cunninghams and Johnstons cleverly skewed any ethical, legal, or medical regulations by purchasing the cooperation and the association of Simon Williams and Christine Tardif-Williams, through government resources.

"This pseudo-psychology based group initiated and executed research on myself (in a very difficult situation & w/o my consent), for an extended period of time (observed me for 3-6 months), while gorging on OPGRC research funds"

"Probably between the months of April 2001 and ending September of 2001 (diagnosed with "paranoid schizophrenia"  at St. Catharines General Hospital emergency room, no less), because Universities were out at that time. My difficult situation become more difficult towards the end."

Once the Cunningham's live research component was completed in September, I was then "off-loaded" to the Johnston's for management and control via the "paranoid schizophrenia"  diagnosis.
Notice that my family doctor (Dr. Teodorini), was purposely omitted from the initial diagnosis for liability issues.

Lisa Root has been on the payroll with since early 2000.
2000 - 200 K Grant
2002 - 170 K Grant
2002 - 193 K Grant
2003 - 360 K Grant
Money & research grants was free flowing at Gamblingresearch during my "schizophrenia" onset in 2001. Jennifer McPhee and Andrew Dane were also frequent grant recipients of OPGRC, within that group
2007 - 10 K Grant
2007 -   6 K Grant

Lisa Root's 2001 Business Card

Dr. Shukla, St. Catharines General Hospital (8/23/01)

"I feel bad for his real patients"                                    

Trifluoperazine prescribed before the actual schizophrenia diagnosis? "Good one" Gamblingresearch

Sleep deprivation was one of the tactics used until I finally agreed to go to the St.Catharines Emergency room clinic. I was assessed by Dr. Shukla and prescribed "Trifluoperazine", which is used for schizophrenia. Dr. Shukla's following report makes no basis for the medication, but a prelude for the next time I was to be forced to go to St.Catharines General Hospital emergency room.

Fabricated "Paranoid Schizophrenia" Diagnosis, Dr. Ronald Johnston

"I am glad I provided Dr. Ronald Elmer Johnston with a good laugh"                               
I had enough of the drugs and doctors and called the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons to file a complaint

  • Next day I was drugged with an Anti-Psychotic Medication
  • Caused me to lose my balance very quickly
  • Got upset and very quickly 3 NRP officers arrived
  • Took me to the St.Catharines General Hospital
  • Dr. Shukla committed me to the Psychiatric Ward for the 72 hour stay

  • His report stated that my "mind was being controlled"
  • First time included the term "Paranoid Schizophrenia"

Dr. Ronald Johnston, in charge of the Psychiatric Ward at St. Catharines General Hospital, had confirmed in this report Dr. Shukla's assessment of "Paranoid Schizophrenia". The medication for Schizophrenia was now administered to me every 6 hours, with powerful sedatives in the evening.
When I returned from my 72 hour stay in the hospital, I was told that the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons returned my call, but they were told that I was committed to the hospital.

I was admitted 3-4 more times to the St. Catharines General Hospital Psychiatric Ward, with corresponding medication being administered every 6 hours. Schizophrenic medication was prescribed to me, and if I refused to take the medication, was threatened with another hospital stay accompanied by NRP officers.

Requested NRCS Medical History & Contact Dr. Teodorini

"I already knew what the response was going to be"                        
I made a written request to NRCS manager Lori Watson regarding documentation on my free NRCS drug plan. I asked for confirmation that no schizophrenic (or any) medication was prescribed during the 2 1/2 years of my benefits.

 Also requested an explanation as to why Roxanne Yorkston had not contacted Dr. Teodorini, as written in the participation agreement by her.

NRCS Manager Lori Watson Responds with Obstruction

"Please hang up and try again - this is a recording"       "Please hang up and try again - this is a recording"
NRCs Community Manager Lori Watson's response in this letter was typical of the obstruction that impeded my rights as a Canadian citizen. She explained that the NRCS would not request any access to my medical records, and that they had no documentation to my free drug card usage. Lori Watson made no reference to the $ 17,000 in taxpayers dollars being paid to me in the past 2 1/2 years, versus verifying my medical claims and saving taxpayers thousands of dollars.

Roxanne Yorkston to Request Medical Files (Dr. Teodorini)

  "Are you trying to tell me how to do my job?"
Only after 1 1/2 years into my claim, did Roxanne Yorkston consider contacting Dr. Teodorini, after my suggestion. You would think that Roxanne Yorkston would have initiated contact and / or confirmation with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and Dr. Teodorini from the outset. Canadian taxpayers would have demanded it!

NRCS Demands Signed Pension Medical Consent Form

"Someone is trying to pull a fast one"
Ironic that the NRCS won't contact Dr. Teodorini or the Privacy Commissioner regarding my medical files, but are willing to suspend my benefits for the Canada Pension Plan medical consent form?

When I was scheduled an interview with Tammy Maher to complete paperwork that Roxanne Yorkston had completed previously with me, I knew something was up. Sure enough, during our interview Roxanne Yorkston intervened and demanded that I sign the Canada Pension Plan consent form, or my benefits would be suspended. This consent form releases any medical information to the NRCS. This is the same government department that invoked the Privacy Act of the Privacy Commissioner's Office of Canada to deny me access to my medical files. The illegally obtained Power of Attorney (prefabricated by would then protect the NRCS for the 2 1/2 years of obstruction. I obviously refused.

$ 17,000 NRCS Social Benefits (2 1/2 Years) Canceled

"It was canceled, only until they realized I would take them to the Tribunal in Toronto"
I expected the NRCS to cancel my monthly benefits somehow, and the Canada Pension Plan consent form was the logical decision. Had I signed the consent form, the NRCS would be excused for the obstruction of the last 2 1/2 years. If I didn't, then they would proceed to cancel my benefits. The NRCS was not aware that I was going to submit medical documents from my medical file, which exasperated their obstruction even more.

Again, Ironic that the NRCS won't contact Dr. Teodorini or the Privacy Commissioner regarding my medical files, but are willing to suspend my benefits for the Canada Pension Plan medical consent form?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Scandal Hierarchy for Medicine Gone Bad

"There is a doctor shortage?"                                          

▬▬▬▬©Brock University▬▬▬▬

"Ultimately their success rested on the inducement & control of depression"

"If you can transparently convert a Canadian Citizen into a permanent medical patient, you will suppress all of their legal rights, consequently obtaining the ownership of their medical and life history data (commercial  / academic  research use)"

                                                                           ♠ ♠ ♠
Federal Government Obstruction:
Jennifer Stoddart + (Gerald Neary + Brian Jepson) + Louise Boileau

"Recorded for Quality Control purposes"

At 2:07 -- "We don't take Instructions from YOU! "

                                                                           ♠ ♠ ♠
Financing & Experimental Research Design:
CEO Robert I. Simpson +  Dr. John A. Cunningham Ph.D.  ( 500 K Annual Grants )

experimental psychology

Pattern recognition used to simulate "Paranoid Schizophrenia" symptoms?

  • Schizophrenics have hallucinations ('A tendency to extract message-like meaning from meaningless sensory information"),
  • Gamblers seek out biases or visible data out of the norm (chaos theory) to exploit wagering opportunities."
  • "One is at odds, and the other is looking for odds"  

"The evolution of the internet and technology was a dual-edged sword. It granted me the ability to connect the major players and their related government agencies, but also provided the pseudo-psychology research group with  instant communications and coordination of pattern recognition incidents (cell phones)."   

Fabricated Medical Diagnosis:
Dr. Teodorini + Dr. Johnston + Dr. Shukla + (Dr. Graeme Cunningham)

                                                                           ♠ ♠ ♠
 (** Link Updated July 29th, 2013 - Associate Professor-  Dr. Nancy Johnston Psychologist - Liability Protection Role ***)

"The elderly Associate Professor Nancy Johnston appears to have had an impressive talent for utilizing / manipulating government resources and responsible for liability protection, albeit lacking the expected educational prerequisites & credentials.

Nancy Johnston (©Brock University), couldn't have managed this venture without her husband's  psych ward (elderly Dr. Ronald Elmer Johnston), and the help of her two male psychologists; University of Toronto / CAMH / Gamblingresearch John Cunningham (elderly Dr. Graeme Cunninghamand Simon Williams (©Brock University).

Simon Williams and his younger wife Christine Tardif-Williams (©Brock University), were purchased through government resources for added liability protection for the  Cunningham's and Johnston'sClearly resolves the question if this "schizophrenia" was originally an intervention or research / financially motivated."

Heather Chalmers (©Brock University part-time PhD graduate), was promoted to OPGRC Board of Directors."

"Dr. Graeme Cunningham would have been the "heavy" behind this group, providing any medical or government obstruction necessary, legal guidance, and consultation for the psychology group." 

"The potential $$$ research material $$$ that I could  / did provide, would be invaluable for himself and his family (that I owned )."

"The evolution of the internet was his undoing"
                                                                           ♠ ♠ ♠
Initial Local Implementation:
Lisa Root + (Marcia Cunningham)

Liability Protection ©Brock University:
Heather ChalmersAndrew Dane, Jennifer McPhee (?)

                                                                           ♠ ♠ ♠
"I would have no ability to confirm or verify all the OHIP billings that were attributed to me through doctors (specifically the Johnstons), since my medical records are inaccessible. Only a government inquiry would be able to uncover / audit the duration and volume of OHIP medical billings, during my lengthy "schizophrenic"  period.; including the costs charged through the St. Catharines General Hospital Psychiatric & Admissions department."

"This may be the first case in Canada where a psychologist has manipulated the Canadian health system in billing OHIP, for supposed psychological treatment not covered under medical definitions & eligibility."

"The elderly Johnston's have confiscated my medical records and are inaccessible."

"Makes the post of  Point of No Return?  in the original blog much more precarious"

                                                                           ♠ ♠ ♠
Research Group Security & Enforcement:
Former NRP Police Chiefs Employed ©Brock University

                                                                           ♠ ♠ ♠

Local Municipal Government Obstruction:
Lori Watson
Roxanne Yorkston